North American International Auto Show 2016: Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept

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Following up on the BUDD-e electric Microbus at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Volkswagen debuts the Tiguan GTE Active Concept, a plug-in hybrid version of its second-gen Tiguan SUV.

What Is It?

The Volkswagen Tiguan is in its second generation now, but the Tiguan GTE Active Concept lays the groundwork for a plug-in hybrid iteration. Given Volkswagen’s current diesel concerns, the focus on fully electric and plug-in hybrids over the last two weeks is notable.

The primary mode of transport is the all-electric E-mode, making the Tiguan GTE Active Concept a zero emissions vehicle while the gas engine isn’t operating.

Under normal conditions, the rear wheels get all the power, but during traction loss, the front wheels engage nearly instantaneously. The driver engages 4MOTION Active Control on command, which is a first for anything carrying the 4MOTION badge. It’s not all-wheel drive, but on-demand four-wheel drive, allowing for better fuel economy.


The vehicle can cover up to 20 miles in all-electric mode. The driving range, based on a battery capacity of 12.4 kWh and a 16.9-gallon fuel tank, is 580 miles.

The second-generation Tiguan is based on Volkswagen’s modular transverse matrix (MQB) and shares the same long wheelbase, short overhangs, and exceptional packaging of other vehicles based on this architecture, including the Audi A3, the Audi TT, the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan (Europe), the Volkswagen Passat B8, the Volkswagen Touran II (Europe) and the Tiguan.

The Tiguan GTE Active Concept is 176.9 inches long, 74.8 inches wide, 69.5 inches tall, and has a wheelbase of 105.6 inches.

What Is Volkswagen Saying?

From VW’s press release:

“The vehicle’s most striking innovation is its efficient plug-in hybrid system that uses two electric motors and a gasoline engine, which can supply all four wheels with power, either automatically or at the push of a button. This concept proves how much potential plug-in hybrid systems have. The all-wheel-drive system’s technology ensures that this SUV can offer supreme off-road performance, even in all-electric mode.”
When Does It Go On Sale?
As this is a concept, there’s no official production or on sale date.
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