REVIEW: 2016 Volvo V60 Cross Country Hits Most Marks

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As a small-volume automaker, Volvo is tasked with making each of their products appeal to a large variety of consumers. With the V60, Volvo hits a lot of marks, but misses on critical pieces.


These days, with an extremely competitive auto market, each detail of a vehicle is analyzed way more than it used to be. For example, it is often the little things that appeal to consumers like cup holder placement and/or sunglass holders. The Volvo V60 hits these marks. It also checks off other items like:  great style; fun to drive with a turbocharged 2.5L, 5-cylinder engine; AWD; luxury finishes. Plus, Volvo gave the V60 a raised stance ideal for challenging road conditions and terrain.

IMG_7454_550Yet, all of this good comes with the cramped cabin. The V60 is a four-door wagon, yet the second row is difficult to sit in even with a shorter driver. Every situation we tried from car seats to four adult passengers, felt cramped. Sure it is a compact wagon, yet comparable products like the Subaru Impreza five door feel roomier, and that feeling is borne out in the numbers. The V60 is smaller in many dimensions, most importantly in legroom. Despite having exactly the same overall interior volume (120.0 cubic feet), the V60 has an inch and a half less legroom up front, and an inch less legroom in the rear than the Impreza.

IMG_7465_550It is too bad really. The V60 is fun to drive, has plenty of get up and go and the various “unique” items like cruise control auto increments of 5 mph, rain-sensing windshield wipers, collision alerts and various other safety features add up to a great vehicle. Plus, the many real buttons on the center console are a nice touch versus the touch-screen mania afflicting other luxury car makers.

IMG_7461_550Fuel economy is OK for an AWD model as well with 20/28/23 city/highway/combined MPG. This is on par with many other AWD models.

During our week of driving the V60, we drove over various surfaces like dirt, city and highway streets. In all cases, the V60 handled everything we threw at it. It has a ride quality of what you would expect a luxury AWD to offer and won’t blow you away.

A nice feature that we were fortunate to try out was the headlights which turn to highlight the area you are turning into. For example, if you are turning left as you begin to turn the wheel, the headlights shine on that area before the V60 does. This is pretty helpful for spotting pedestrians, animals and/or other objects before finishing the turn.


Our test model came in at $49,775 with a $940 destination charge and included a $3,650 Platinum package featuring a Harman Kardon premium sound system, convenience package and technology package. Also, it came equipped with a Climate Package with built in child booster seats at $1,550 and a BLIS safety package at $925. Various other styling features like matte black wheels added up to the other $1,710.

2016 Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 AWD

Base Price: $41,000
Price As Tested: $49,775


  • Exterior Style
  • Fun to Drive Dynamics
  • Higher Stance


  • Cramped Cabin
  • Price for Features
  • Fuel Economy for size of vehicle


Tim Esterdahl

Tim Esterdahl

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