REVIEW: 2016 Buick Cascada Premium – Mid-Sized Convertible with Style

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2016 Buick Cascada Front Up

The 2016 Buick Cascada is all-new for 2016. It is an affordable mid-size convertible with unique styling and a beautiful interior that makes driving on a sunny day with the top down pure joy.

What is it? 

The Buick Cascada aims to combine the fun of top-down driving with the comforts of a mid-size sedan. It manages to do that pretty well with a striking exterior that’s larger than most convertibles and a well-appointed interior. Leather trims, power seats, and a fully-featured infotainment system create a luxe environment

2016 BUick Cascada Profile Down

Pricing and trims

There are only two trims available with the base Cascada starting at $33,065. Opt for the Cascada Premium for additional features including forward collision alert, lane departure warning, and upgraded ei trims.

2016 Buick Cascada Nameplate

Our test car was the 2016 Buick Cascada Premium priced at $36,990 with destination charge. There were no optional features included.

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Standard safety features on the Cascada include airbags, automated rollover pop-up bars, rear park assist, rear vision camera, and OnStar with a basic 5-year plan.

2016 Buick Cascada Safety

Additional safety features available only on the Premium as standard features include forward collision alert, lane departure warning, and front and rear park assist.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety had not yet rated the Buick Cascada at the time of this review.


Power for the Cascada comes from a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque. It’s a strong engine that helps the Cascada deliver a good performance on the road.

2016 Buick Cascada Engine

Acceleration is quick from a full-stop, but the Cascada hesitates to deliver all its power when pressed to pass at highway speeds. Once that power does kick in, the Cascada is quick, easily handling maneuvers through highway traffic. It is smooth and quiet and never flustered.

2016 Buick Cascada Shifter

The 6-speed automatic transmission is quiet and well-timed. You neither hear nor feel shifts whether driving at slower speeds through city streets or accelerating aggressively to merge into highway traffic.

Ride and handling

2016 Buick Cascada Wheel

The Cascada has a low, wide design reminiscent of sports cars. This might make you think it has sporty driving characteristics and you’d be right.

The sport-tuned suspension lets the Cascada hug the road, even in tight corners. It provides good feedback without every becoming harsh or rough. The ride is always smooth and relaxing, letting you have some fun without making you work.


2016 Buick Cascada Front Seats

Front seats are comfortable and supportive with 8-way power adjustability for both driver and passenger. Legroom is tight and the knees of taller passengers will be pressed against the sides of the car. The front seats and steering wheel are heated in both trim levels as a standard feature.

2016 Buick Cascada Rear Seats

The 50/50 fold-flat rear seats are also snug with 36.1 inches of headroom and 32.8 inches of legroom. The similar Audi A3 convertible posts comparable numbers with 36.3 inches of headroom, but 31.9 inches of legroom making it an even tighter fit. Access to the back seats in the Cascada is made easier thanks to front seats that automatically slide forward when you lift the latch to tilt the front seats.

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There is 13.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity in the trunk with the top up, but this shrinks to 9.8 cubic feet with the top down. The Audi A3 comes in considerably smaller with only 9.9 cubic feet with the top up or 7.7 with the top down.

2016 Buick Cascada Cargo

Infotainment and controls

The Cascada is a very connected car with a 7-inch color touchscreen, AM/FM/CD/MP3 and a premium 7-speaker sound system. Sirius XM is available through subscription and the car can function as a 4G LTE wi-fi hotspot.

There are steering wheel controls for quick and easy operation of the system or buttons on the dashboard. The challenge is that there are too many buttons and the dashboard resembles the cockpit of a fighter jet. Some simplification is desperately needed.

A 5-year complimentary basic subscription to OnStar is also included with 6 months of automatic crash response. This adds both a layer of connectivity and extra safety.

2016 Buick Cascada Infotainment


The 2016 Buick Cascada offers the fun of a convertible combined with the practicality of a mid-size sedan.

It is affordably priced with an attractive interior and great connectivity options. Those searching for a convertible that’s suited to four passengers and has a useable trunk will like the Cascada.

2016 Buick Cascada Rear Down

The downside is an overly complicated dashboard layout that feels outdated and front passenger legroom that is too small for taller passengers.

2016 Buick Cascada Premium

Base price: $36,065

Price as tested, including $925 destination charge: $36,990  


  • Comfortable Interior
  • Unique Trunk Release
  • Connectivity


  • Too Many Dashboard Buttons
  • Small Infotainment Screen
  • Narrow Front Leg Room
Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin