HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Five Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

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When it’s down to the wire during the holiday season, it’s always good to have a few surprise gifts in your back pocket for the DIY’er in your life. Our friends at Sonic Tools came up with a list of five tools you had no idea you needed that are just right for your favorite wrench-spinner.

You might not know about Sonic Tools, but they’re the North American wing of the Netherlands-based Sonic Equipment. They’re known for their commercial tool box systems, but they’re breaking into the North American market in a big way with tools for consumers. They sent along a sample kit and the stuff is incredible, at a cost that’s significantly less than the premium tool truck brands.

Over the years, they’ve developed some specialty tools that are perfect for the home garage mechanic, that solve specific issues that they’ll run into working on their own cars:

Crimping Pliers

Five Tools - Crimping

There’s at least three pairs of wire crimpers in our tool box and they’re all particularly efficient at crushing a connector to the point of destruction. If you’re doing anything on your car, you definitely need a decent set of crimpers. This set provides six exchangeable jaws for just about every connection you’ll run into in a car.


Wobble Extension

Five Tools - WobbleJust this weekend, we were taking an intake manifold off of our 1979 Chevy Blazer project truck and ran into a spot where a wobble extension was a lifesaver. Too bad ours was junk. The Sonic Tools extension allows 15 degrees worth of angle for a socket, giving you a lot more reach without the clumsiness of a universal extension. Our lousy extension has a feature that allows it to lock straight, too, but it did so with almost no pressure whatsoever, making it all but useless. It also would’ve been nice to have the knurled surface near the female end of the extension for a little extra grip when making those last few turns.

Pry Set

Five tools - Pry BarWe’ve removed door panels with everything from paint scrapers to screwdrivers, and it’s resulted in scratched doors, damaged door panels and cracked bezels. A quality pry set made of durable, but forgiving plastic makes removing interior trim pieces a lot easier. This one’s got your basic pry levers, but also pry bars that are designed specifically to remove things like shift boots and power seat control escutcheons.

Disc Ratchet

Five tools - Disc RatchetHow many times have you loosened a bolt, only to find that it’s too tight to turn with your fingers and located so you get about a three-degree turn on a conventional ratchet? Like EVERY SINGLE TIME. The disc ratchet is your savior, allowing you to quickly remove nuts and bolts in hard to reach areas.

Flexible Ratcheting Wrench

Five Tools - Flexible Ratcheting WrenchAdjustable up to 90 degrees, these flexible ratcheting wrenches allow flexibility to get into tough spots, but also the torque allowed by a full-size wrench. They’re designed to slip into tight spaces where you can’t get a conventional ratchet, with the open end for quick removal. They’re sold either individually, or in sets, in both metric and SAE sizes, and in both six- and 12-point configurations.

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