Car Doctor Q&A: What Kind of Motor Oil Should I Use?

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“What kind of oil should I use?” is one of those questions that comes up approximately 11 times a day when you tell anybody you know something about how cars work. John Paul has the definitive answer this week:

Q. This April I did a routine oil and filter change in my 2005 Toyota Highlander and I mistakenly refilled the engine with 5W20 synthetic oil instead of 5W30 synthetic oil.

Should I drain the 5W-20 oil and refill with the 5W-30 or can I go for a while with the 5W20?

A. There was a time when most every engine when the oil was changed was refilled with 10W-30 oil and if the engine burned oil the shop may have substituted 20W-50 oil.

Today using the correct viscosity is very important to the operation of the engine. In the case of your Toyota Highlander, the manufacturer only recommends one oil 10W-30. I know it is an extra expense but as we approach hot weather driving having the correct oil in the engine is critical for proper operation.


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  1. Can you please tell what kind of oil should i use for luxurious car like Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc? And how frequently should we change our motor oil?

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