Car Doctor Q&A: Service Bulletins on a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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If you own a modern car, getting one of those ominous service bulletins in the mail is a part of life. Are they necessary? Does the dealer fix them for free? AAA Car Doctor John Paul has the answer:

Q. A couple of quick questions for the expert, I was told that there are two service bulletins for my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have an extended warranty; will the Jeep dealer address the issues in these two bulletins free of charge? I was also told that at 60,000 miles I should change the fluid that works with the 4-wheel drive? Is this true?


A. Technical service bulletins are engineering improvements that are made to just about every vehicle. Generally speaking the cost of these repairs is only covered during the original warranty period. Since your vehicle has an extended service contract/warranty it is possible that the repairs may be covered, but that would depend on the specifics or the warranty.  There are some TSB’s that will extend the warranty on certain components but this is usually the exception not the rule and sometimes referred to as secret warranties.  Finally there are TSBs that outline recalls and like nearly every recall, those repairs are made at no-charge to the owner of the vehicle.

Regarding the transfer case fluid, the dealer was correct that at 60,000 the fluid should be replaced. This is done to maintain the integrity of the transfer case and its components.



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