Car Doctor Q&A: Ants in My Car!

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If you think ants can spoil a picnic, wait until they’re crawling up your legs in traffic. The Car Doctor has some solutions for this Chevy Cruze owner.

Q. I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze and this past weekend I found at least 100 tiny ants crawling over the driver’s side of my vehicle steering wheel, hood of car outside and in on the left side of door.

I sprayed them with RAID and thought their immediate demise was the end of the problem. NOT SO FAST!

The next day, I went through the same scenario when I left at the end of church and could not believe they were back! A resorted to more RAID so that I could enter the car.

As of me writing you today there were a few 20 or so and I decided to stop with the RAID before it killed me and see what advice the Car Doctor could offer.

A. The very first thing that I would do is thoroughly clean the car’s interior just to make sure there is any food attracting the ants.

Once the car is clean I would use some ant bait traps (I have had good luck with liquid ant bait). The ants take the poison back “home” and generally this will end the infestation. Resist spraying for ants when you are using the “bait-traps” because you want the live ants to take the poison back to the nest.

Reading online, small ants have been a big problem this year and the ants you see are usually just an indication of how many more there really are.

After a couple of days start vacuuming up the dead ants and hopefully that should solve your problem-it could take up to 10 days to fully eliminate all the ants. If you park in a garage putting some ant traps around certainly couldn’t hurt.

If that doesn’t work, maybe get a family of spiders.

John Paul is public affairs manager for AAA Southern New England. A certified mechanic, Paul tests dozens of new cars each year and also hosts a radio show on AM 950 and 550.

John Paul

John Paul