Best Trucks for Tailgating Season

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The boys (and girls) are back in town! With school’s fall semester starting up and the weather cooling down, you can bet everyone will be looking to catch the Big Game once again. While we all love grilling, cracking a cold one, and getting all the groupies together, it’s not always easy getting a tailgating session going. The good news is that we’ve made a list of the best trucks to use this tailgating season. Sit back, relax in your favorite sports chair, and wave those foam fingers in peace while we break down which trucks can pack it all in while tailgating.

2021 GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Sierra/Image Credit: GMC

Just because the Sierra is a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean it’s afraid to get dirty for tailgating. Its MultiPro Tailgate makes for an easy stepping point into the bed and allows you to unpack whatever essentials are in the back. Some lifesavers with this tailgate are that it comes with a load stop to help keep more fragile electronics and mailable items away from the heavy ones (so no worrying about the grill smashing into your flatscreen TV). It can even come with a MultiPro Audio System by Kicker that pumps the jams without having to keep your truck running. You’ll have a steady starter for the evening. Get a Sierra here this tailgating season.

2021 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma/Image Credit: Toyota

What gives Toyota’s addition to the lineup a unique edge is its locking tailgate. When you need to keep any valuables locked up, so you can keep your attention on the main event, the Tacoma will make for an excellent safety measure. There’s a deck rail system in place too that will keep even the ficklest of canopies or coolers from rolling around while on the road. It also has an electrical outlet built into the bed, so you can hook up a TV for game time. These specialty plays give the Tacoma premier seeding for being a tailgating champion. See what Tacomas we have available here.

2021 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline/Image Credit: Honda

The Ridgeline might not have the same bed size as others in its class, but this scrappy edition can punch above its weight. Its drainable trunk makes for a perfect built-in cooler that’ll fit all the drinks of your choice. You can easily access the bed with its dual tailgate, which will open like a door, ensuring that you don’t have to lift any of the heavier pieces of cargo as far up. There are also some LED lights and power sockets to help light up the night and keep the party going. These plays make the Ridgeline a reliable pinch hitter in any tailgating situation. You guessed it, we have Ridgelines on BestRide too for tailgating season.

2021 Ford F-150

Ford F-150/Image Credit: Ford

This Americana All-Star has a few decades’ worth of tailgating experience under its belt, making the veteran a consistent contributor. It can fit six passengers and has the highest towing capacity in its class. The bed has a stowable extender that allows for any extra-long tents to fit in the back without issue. Need a place to put a tablet, cupholder, or pencils to help keep track of bets on the game? The F-150 tailgate already built that in. F-150s outfitted with Pro Power Onboard allows you to energize any of your electronics (in fact it’s already saved a whole wedding as a backup generator when the power went out). If there was any doubt about the F-150 not getting a ticket into the Hall of Fame, you can now rest easy knowing it earned this spot. Get your own F-150 off the tailgating draft here.

2021 Dodge RAM 1500

RAM 1500/Image Credit: RAM

What makes the RAM a heavyweight champ for tailgating is its waterproof boxes along the truck bed walls. Not only can you pack in all the grills, chairs, tables, and games of your choice with the bed, but you are able to fit over 250 cans or bottles into the sides of your truck! You can also lower down the tailgate and make getting into the back easier while working the tie cleats or bed dividers (your back will thank you for that later). Not only can the RAM help get you set up, but it also has Uconnect Wifi to get you updates on scores, or even livestream the party. These options help the RAM to secure its MVP spot on this list. Bring the RAM out of tailgating free agency here.

These pickup trucks make up our starting five lineup for this tailgating season. Their built-in features make them an intuitive game changer for taking the party up to the next level. Feel a model got snubbed off our roster? Let us know in the comments who the underdogs of tailgating are.

Tyler Domecq

Tyler Domecq

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