Are You Not Entertained: Cars With Great Infotainment Systems

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Vehicle interior featuring infotainment system/Image Credit: Brock Wegner on Unsplash

We as consumers have gotten a bit spoiled by today’s vehicles. Not only are they safer and more efficient than ever, but they also have some seriously cool technology. Having a great infotainment system—the computer in your car that lets you listen to music and get directions to your destination—can be a make-or-break feature, so we’ve made a list of some of the best systems available.

Audi A8

2021 Audi A8 virtual cockpit/Image Credit: Audi

Luxury vehicles often show us the most cutting-edge technology available. The Audi A8 features the Audi Virtual Cockpit, an infotainment system that allows the user to customize the dashboard display and touchscreen to their liking. Controls ranging from phone calls to music to temperature are all housed in one easy-to-use system that is as sleek and stylish as it is helpful.

Ram 1500

2021 Ram 1500 Limited 12-inch touchscreen/Image Credit: Ram

Many pickup trucks have become equals to luxury vehicles in a variety of ways, including state-of-the-art technology and connectivity. The Ram 1500 is one of the leaders in this regard, with a 12-inch vertical touchscreen available as a pretty impressive add-on. It features split-screen capability, making it easier than ever to access music, navigation, and even climate controls from behind the wheel. The Uconnect system works great with iPhones and Androids to make calls and get real-time traffic information.

Kia K5

2022 Kia K5 interior with 10.25-inch touchscreen/Image Credit: Kia

The best infotainment systems are designed to make driving easier, and the Kia K5’s setup does just that. An available 10.25-inch screen makes seeing and using all of your controls a breeze. Standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto means you don’t have to deal with cords to listen to your favorite driving playlist. UVO Connected Routing gives you real-time traffic data and suggests the best routes so you can get to your destination quickly and without headaches.

Lexus ES

2022 Lexus ES interior with 12.3-inch touchscreen/Image Credit: Lexus

Ever been on your way to dinner and realized you forgot to turn on the porch lights back at the house? Well, if you’re driving the Lexus ES, you won’t need to turn around and ruin your night. Simply ask Amazon Alexa, built into the car’s infotainment system, and she can turn on your lights for you. Coupled with a large screen for easy viewing and panoramic views that assist with parking, the Lexus ranks pretty darn high on the convenience factor.

Chrysler Pacifica

2021 Chrysler Pacifica interior with FamCAM display/Image Credit: Chrysler

If you drive a minivan, chances are you often have a lot of passengers on board. And if your vehicle’s filled with kids, it can be hard to keep an eye on all of them. The Chrysler Pacifica has you covered with its available FamCAM interior camera, which gives you a view of everyone on board, even a baby in a rear-facing seat. Also available are two 10-inch monitors for the second row with a Blu-ray player and built-in games to keep the kiddos occupied on long trips. To learn more about the great features for passengers in Pacifica and other vehicles, check out our blog post about the topic.

Having the equivalent of a personal computer attached to your car is pretty amazing and makes driving a whole new experience. For the technologically inclined consumer, a good infotainment system is likely a must-have. Good thing BestRide makes it super easy to search for the exact car you want.

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Kasey McNerney

Kasey McNerney

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