Would You Pay $10K For This Silver Paint Job?

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BMW M5 Individual Pure Metal Silver

BMWs are beautiful but expensive cars so seeing one fitted with equally expensive options isn’t a surprise. Still, spending $10,300 on a paint job alone is a little mind-blowing. This pricey paint is called Individual Pure Metal Silver and it’s the most expensive color that you can get for your new BMW.

According to BMW, this isn’t just a pretty shade of silver that costs a lot, but is a truly unique paint. It has hundreds of thousands of ultra-thin aluminum flakes to give it a sheen unlike regular paint and to get a greater depth of shadow on the vehicle’s curves. They even make sure that all those little flakes flow in the same direction so that the whole thing looks uniform.

BMWs with this paint have to be taken out of the usual production line for the application process which involves a precise series of steps. It’s not all computerized robots with spray nozzles. Instead there is plenty of hands-on work to make it look so good. There’s even a guy who checks the whole surface of the car with the palm of his hand, feeling the least dust particle that might mar the finish, and then buffing it out to ensure it’s as close to perfection as possible.

Individual Pure Metal Silver

This is all a part of what makes the Individual Pure Metal Silver paint so insanely expensive. The paint costs 40 times what it costs for standard paints in the BMW line, hence the $10,300 price tag. Is it worth the high price?

BMW F10 Forum member Sealionbest though so when he ordered his new BMW M5 with the option. It recently arrived at the dealership and he took these shots to show off his $10K paint purchase. He’s quick to point out that the car wasn’t fully prepped and buffed to perfection and that the light wasn’t the best.

You’ve got to admit that it does look good. Does it look $10K good? Eh, that’s a little harder to answer. Sealionbeast didn’t just stop with the fancy paint, but added on a whole bunch of other options that took the $93,600 base price up to a final sticker of $139,804 so, clearly, saving pennies was not his concern.

He also didn’t see fit to actually buy the car, as he’s chosen to lease his fancy new set of wheels. It’s also worth noting that he lives in California, where there are no salt and sand trucks dropping little pebbles of paint-shredding doom onto the highways for a good part of the year.

Can you imagine the heartbreak when someone dings one of his doors?

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