Why Do We Love Sidecars So Much?

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Just the sight of a sidecar brings smiles. Here’s a look at this unique part of motoring. 

The sidecar didn’t start out as a novelty way to transport cool dogs on motorcycles. They came about after dogs, but before motorcycles, or just as they were being invented. Most authorities cite the 1880s as the years the sidecar was invented and Europe as the location. Most also say they started as a bicycle attachment. It makes our legs hurt just thinking about hauling along a passenger with just one gear.

The concept quickly spread to motorbikes and companies like Indian and Harley Davidson adopted them early on. During and after the First and Second World Wars, the popularity of sidecars grew. American G.I.s saw them in use, put them to use, and brought them back figuratively and literally for civilian life.

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Sidecars make us smile. Whether we are seeing them go by in the street, or actually riding one, they elicit feelings of the open road, freedom, and a sense of defying the norm. These are sentiments that seem to be dwindling in modern society and we all want a taste.

Sidecars became racers as well, because, why not? If hurtling down a straightaway inside a metal shell isn’t exciting enough, do it while hanging out of a small box. Then turn sharply.

Sidecars are still raced and the Isle of Man TT is one of the premier annual events. This has to be the most insane form of racing in the world today.

The libation above is a concoction of cognac, lemon juice, and triple sec, known as a Sidecar.

Nobody’s working on a cocktail named the Third Row Seat.


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John Goreham

John Goreham