What Would You Do if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Hit Your Car?

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It’s simply a fact of life that accidents happen, especially when it comes to cars. We all try our best to avoid bumping into each other, but mistakes are made and things go wrong. Not a day goes by that an accident of some kind doesn’t slow down the rush hour commute turning all the roads on traffic report maps from happy green to groan-inducing red. Accidents are frustrating for everyone, but when the guy who hits your car happens to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson it’s not quite so bad.

That was the experience of one Massachusetts motorist, Audie Bridges of Wakefield, when Johnson side-swipped his parked car. The pro-wrestler turned actor was driving along in his pickup truck with the music blasting, singing along like you do when you’re having a good day. Everyone sings in the car unless your a crabby old man so just admit it now. According to Johnson’s instagram, this is when he heard a loud bang and knew something had gone wrong.

He checked his rear view mirror and saw that he’d managed to sideswipe another truck, destroying some guy’s side view mirror. Being a stand up guy, Johnson turned around to go back to the truck he’d hit when the owner started walking across the street to his truck.

Johnson got out and immediately offered to swap information and take care of the damage. A stunned Bridges just stared at him for a few a few seconds, understandably surprised that he was having a conversation with The Rock about his now banged up truck.

Rather than the usual grumbling and complaining that accompanies this kind of thing, Bridges had a good laugh and joked about what a good story he’d have to tell everyone. They took some pictures to commemorate the moment and happily went about their business.

The Rock checked in with the guy a few days later and he’d fixed the car on his own so he wouldn’t take any money for the damages. What could have been a really rough start to the morning turned out to be pretty amazing thanks to The Rock’s honesty and Bridges being a good sport.


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