Watch a Tractor Trailer Slide Down an Embankment After Ignoring Road Signs

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Road signs are there for a reason. When we learn to drive we also learn to pay attention to those signs because they keep us safe, help us figure out where we’re going, and in general are an essential part of navigating road ways. Ignore a road sign and things might not turn out too well, as one tractor trailer driver found out the hard way.

Driving a big rig isn’t like driving your typical passenger car. That’s why they require special licensing and training. These things are not easy to pilot because they’re so big and there are certain roads they simply cannot tackle.

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We’ve all seen trucks that miss signs warning of low overpasses. They end up in the news wedged under bridges, sometimes with their roof peeled back like a can of sardines. It’s hard to imagine how this happens, especially when there are often multiple signs warning trucks that they need to get off the road and take a different route.

What you don’t often see is a tractor trailer trying to navigate a too narrow and too steep road. While a low bridge will get a truck stuck, taking a road that’s not designed to handle tractor trailers can turn out far worse.

This all happened in Mendocino County, California when a truck driver ignored road signs telling him that he wouldn’t be able to drive the road ahead. That road posed multiple problems for a long, heavy vehicle.

Take a look at the video clip and you can see the road is quite narrow and has tight corners. It’s also steeply banked, which means a heavy load is going to be inclined to tip over.

The driver takes one tricky section of the road very slowly, which was wise, but it wasn’t enough to keep control of his truck. As he makes the turn, the heavy load starts to tip and it’s all over.

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The trailer flips onto its side and heads down the embankment dragging the cab along like a caboose. Lucky for the driver, the slide wasn’t very long and the vehicle comes to a stop quickly.

The driver was not hurt, but he did received a citation. He got lucky. Let this serve as a reminder to all of us. Road signs are there for a reason. Ignore them at your own peril.


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