Watch a Citizen Pull Over a Cop For Breaking The Law

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There are few among us who haven’t been pulled over by the police at least once. It could be for speeding, running a stop light, or simply not obeying a traffic sign. It might be unintentional, but the law is the law. Now, a citizen has turned the tables on a police officer in Washington state, pulling the officer over for breaking the law.

It all starts with the officer in question driving an unmarked Dodge Charger as he patrols the local streets. That may not sound like a big deal, but it is, since it’s illegal to patrol in an unmarked vehicle in Washington. Unmarked cars have to be out there with a purpose, like a stakeout or undercover work. Randomly patrolling the streets isn’t allowed.

Unfortunately for this officer, Gavin Seim is up on the laws regarding unmarked cars and he calls out the officer on the infraction. The guy looks stunned and slightly amused as Seim asks to see his license and registration as well as proof that he’s a police officer.

At first he refuses, pointing to the patch on his shoulder, but Seim puts up a pretty good argument for why he has every right to ask for proof of the man’s identity. Truly, he could be anyone roaming around in that car pretending to be a part of law enforcement. In this case, he’s the real deal, but the whole point of the law is to keep people from being taken advantage of by someone impersonating an officer.

It all ends amicably enough, with both parties smiling and going their separate ways. Seim wasn’t doing this to be obnoxious or to harass the officer, but to make a point about our rights and responsibilities as citizens. He was well within the law in what he did, but man, you do have to have some serious guts to pull over a cop.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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