Was The “Easy Rider” Harley-Davidson That Sold For $1.35 Million The Real Deal?

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One of the most iconic American motorcycles out there has sold for $1.35 million at auction, but there are some questions about its authenticity. The Harley-Davidson from Easy Rider, nicknamed Captain America, is the bike in question and although some sources say it’s the real deal, there’s a history behind the bikes in the films that leaves it up for debate.

According to movie legend, there were originally four bikes used during filming. Two were for Peter Fonda and two were for Dennis Hopper, but not all of them actually survived filming. One was crashed during the big finale, and the other three were stolen before the movie even made it into theaters.

The bike in question is supposedly the wrecked one from the finale, which ended up in the hands of Dan Haggerty who was a mechanic on set and kept everything in tip top shape. You might recognize his name not from Easy Rider, but from his time playing the famous mountain man on Grizzly Adams.

At the end of production, they gave Haggerty the bike and he restored it to its former glory. He eventually sold the bike to Michael Eisenberg who was the last known owner of the Captain America. Or was he?

It seems that Haggerty was given one bike, but has sold two. The LA Times reports that Haggerty sold a bike to one Gordon Granger back in 1996 and that Haggerty even signed a certificate of authenticity. Haggerty now claims that this was false.

An understandably miffed Granger insists that he has the original and that the one that just fetched over a million dollars is a replica. Even Peter Fonda isn’t quite sure what’s what, having signed the gas tank on Granger’s bike at one time. He now says he’s just as confused as everyone else.

The only one who really knows which bike is the real bike is Haggerty, and despite all the controversy he insists the one that sold over the weekend is the real $1.35 million deal, which could mean Granger unwittingly purchased a very expensive replica.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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