[VIDEO] Where a British-Registered Buick 8 Goes To Die

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Caution: this video may be disturbing if you love vintage cars.

In the 1960s, old cars weren’t worth much more than their scrap steel value, and apparently, in Great Britain, many just got left beside the road.

Auto wrecking yards would recycle cars the way they do now, but charged a towing fee to pick them up, so many Britons just pulled the number plates off and walked away whistling, hoping they’d get away unnoticed.

The problem was such that by 1965, the British government was suggesting that over 700,000 junk cars would be left beside the road as Great Britain exited its austere years following the second World War and entered into a new era of prosperity.

The answer came from America, in the form of a massive car crusher that roved around the countryside, swallowing up junk cars as it went.

The pivotal scene is at 4:48, when a 1936 Buick 8 meets its maker.

Today, a 1936 Buick 8 would bring anywhere from $18,000 to $50,000, depending on its condition and trim level. But in 1965, stately old Buicks that made it through the bombing raids of World War II were just old junk, fit for the crusher.

1936 Buick-8-Bestride

Interestingly, this isn’t the only video on YouTube depicting wanton car-crushing. There’s a whole series of stories from British Pathe on the subject, which will also give you nightmares.

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