VIDEO: This Driving School Student Breaks a Few Stereotypes

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driving school girl

Watch this driving school student surprise her teachers.

With the new school year comes the chance for a more new drivers to participate in that right of passage we all remember as boring.  Driving school.  This student is a plant though, and she is a little more experienced than she lets on at first.  The Hello Kitty get-up and the teddy bear in back are meant to distract the teachers from the Nissan Skyline with the hand brake lever and racing wheel.   After she bucks and stalls stalls the manual transmission-equipped rear-drive monster, the instructors are convinced she has no clue how to operate a car.

However, motorsports athlete, Leona Chin, has a surprise coming.  Watch her navigate the parking lot cones in full opposite lock.  We are surprised the female instructor didn’t suffer cardiac arrest.

Leona Chin describes herself as “spiced with spunk, speed and thrill.”  Her philosophy is “Be extraordinary. Stand out. Be different.”  Crediting her mum for inspiring her to go beyond the ordinary, Chin has raced gymkhana, rallies, and autocross.  With her backing from Prince Lubricants and other sponsors, she primarily races in China, which as a Malaysian-born female is rather unusual.

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John Goreham

John Goreham