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VIDEO: Sitting In a Mercedes Being Shot At With An AK-47

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The guys at Texas Armoring have made a video to show off their bulletproof glass with their CEO calmly sitting behind the wheel while the bullets fly.

It’s perfect for all of you who’ve ever wondered if bulletproof glass would really stop a bullet and how it would look from inside a car. Probably the only way you’d ever experience this for real is if you’re a diplomat, an oil baron, or possibly a Mythbuster, so this is likely your only chance.

In reality, I don’t think anyone really wants to know firsthand what it would be like to be shot at in a car because of the whole possibility of being killed, but it’s still very cool to see without any Hollywood showmanship. This is just some guys in a garage with a fancy car and a big gun.

The car is a Mercedes GL that has been reinforced by Texas Armoring so it’s not just any old car, but the guy sitting behind it, CEO Trent Kimball, is technically just any old guy. If his product somehow doesn’t pass muster, he’s going to be shot by one of his colleagues holding an AK-47.

Watching the video, it really feels like this is just a bunch of good old boys messing around in their garage. The production quality isn’t great and the guys on camera are definitely not professional actors, but that actually makes it all even more fascinating.

You really have to wonder if they just decided to do this, set the whole thing up, filmed it, and made it a done deal before more cautious heads could stop them from risking their CEO’s life just to prove a point. Lucky for him, the product performs as expected and he walks away without a scratch.

Not only do we get to see bullets smashing into the windshield from the outside, but they’ve got a camera mounted inside the car, too, so you get the full affect. You also get to see their CEO sit their and not even flinch.

Also, though there are plenty of warnings in the video, let’s give one more just for good measure. Do not try this at home!


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