VIDEO: “Mad Max” With Go-Karts is The Maddest

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Mad Max 2

Mad Max: Fury Road was a big hit in theaters earlier this summer. It brought back the franchise for those who were already fans and introduced it to a whole new generation. We are now all better prepared for a post-apocalyptic future where our cars become tricked out death machines. This video takes the whole thing and turns it on its head with go-karts and paintball guns joining the battle.

Anyone who’s played paintball knows the fun of shooting out those little colored balls of pain at the enemy who is likely also a friend. It’s a fantastic way to beat up on your buddies without causing any harm beyond a few painful welts.

Go-Karts offer a similar opportunity to show your friends that you rule the track. Sure, it’s in a car that you can’t drive on the road and you look ridiculous, but damn is it fun.

Combine those two things, and you have what could be the most epic pastime in history. If they converted the local Go-Kart track to include blasting your friends with paintballs, you know you’d be in line every weekend. It would be dangerous as heck, but who cares?

Mad Max

This video takes that idea and turns it up to eleven by having it all happen as a recreation of the chase scene in Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s incredibly well done with costumes that look right out of the film, a dirty, dusty landscape, and killing machine Go-Karts.

The film is sponsored by WB Games to promote the new Mad Max video game that hits stores on September 1st. Unfortunately, the game does not involve Go-Karts or paintball guns, but this video has piqued my interest. I had no intention of buying it, but now I’m tempted to make the purchase and channel my inner road warrior.

Also, I’m going to see what I can do about convincing our local Go-Kart center to add in the whole paintball thing because that is brilliant. Who’s with me?