VIDEO: Howe & Howe Builds the Vehicles of Your Nightmares

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Geoff and Mike Howe have been building stuff since they were just wee lads. Now, Howe and Howe Technologies is constructing some of the most fearsome vehicles you’ve ever seen, for the military, for private industry and for Hollywood.

Their story begins at the age of 8, when brothers Mike and Geoff built a log cabin with power tools their mom got them for their birthday. Before either of them had gotten a driver’s license, they purchased a 1974 Chevy Nova, which launched a life-long interest in building insane automobiles. In 1996, when Geoff and Mike had a band, they weren’t satisfied with the venues local to Waterboro, Maine, so they built a rolling stage out of an old school bus.

In 2001, they built Ripsaw, a vehicle that eventually went on to be selected from all the entrants in the DARPA Challenge to appear at the Washington D.C. Auto Show.

In 2006, Howe and Howe Technologies began building Ripsaw prototypes for the United States government. They built Ripsaw MS1 — an unmanned ground vehicle — in order to be weaponized by the United States Army Research Development Engineering Center.

Over the last decade, they’ve built an off-road wheelchair called Ripchair, and an unmanned firefighting vehicle called Thermite.

With what they learned building that vehicle, they constructed the RS1-RBS1 Robotic Ballistic Shield, a remotely operated SWAT shield developed for the Massachusetts State Police.

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Peacemaker was constructed for Mad Max: Fury Road, and it’s a hell-bound tracked roll cage sporting what appears to be a Chevy 350 with zoomie headers, a blower and dual quads. Whatever’s powering it, it’s fast, loud and quite possibly insane.

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Unlike most vehicles you see built for Hollywood productions, this thing is built to go.

At the same time, Howe & Howe is building a vehicle called Ripchair 3.0, which is a tracked ATV designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

Their latest creation is technology that stabilizes the passenger cabin on the Ripsaw. It’s an air-ride cockpit that floats the four passenger seating area for amazing comfort from a tracked vehicle.

For more of the Howe brothers’ creations, visit the Howe and Howe Technologies website.


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