VIDEO: How To Flip a Car On Its Roof And Freak Out Your Date

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In other Car on the Roof News, it can be a frustrating thing to find a gate blocking your path. You may be tempted to just ram the gate, but this short video demonstrates why that it not a good idea no matter how flimsy the gate may look from behind the wheel.

What makes this video so amazing is that this guy just will not give up. He is utterly determined to get through this gate, which, to be fair, he does manage by the end of things just not in the way he probably hoped.

Initially, he stops on one side of the gate and things look fine. He drops off a woman that I’m going to say is his date and then he drives through the gate which swings up and lets him pass. Here’s where things go wrong.

Rather than staying on that side of the gate, he decides he wants to go back so he puts the car in reverse to go back from whence he came. The gate does not approve and, as it’s designed to do, stops him by lifting his rear wheels right off the ground.

Our intrepid driver then pulls forward and the car lands safely on all four wheels. It’s at this point that any sane human would determine that going back through the gate is not a good idea. Clearly, this man’s sanity is up for debate.

He gives it another go and the gate smacks his date in the head. Being a responsible adult, the driver hops out through the window like he’s Bo and Luke Duke’s cousin to check on his date.

Once he verifies that he has not mortally wounded his date, back behind the wheel he goes for one last attempt. This time, he’s not messing around and he achieves full ramming speed because he is getting through that gate this time.

You’ve gotta give him credit for perseverance because he does make it through and the back flip is rather spectacular. I’m still going to call this one a win for the gate since he most definitely does not nail the landing.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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