VIDEO: Footage From the Hoegh Osaka, Containing 1400 Jaguars, Land Rovers, MINIs and one Rolls-Royce

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We mentioned yesterday that the Hoegh Osaka beached outside of Southampton in England. Now we’re finding all kinds of drone video of the ship, showing its position and the way the crew was extricated.

MV Hoegh Osaka was deliberately grounded to prevent it from capsizing when the onboard ballast system malfunctioned, causing it to list badly.

The Queen Elizabeth II also beached at Bramble Sand Bank in 2008, but it was towed off quickly and kept on its journey.

Hoegh Osaka is a car carrier built in 2000, and originally named Maersk Wind for a shipping company in Singapore. In 2008, the vessel was sold sold to Höegh Autocarriers in 2008 and renamed Hoegh Osaka.

The ship is 590 ft 3 in. long, with a beam of 105 ft 8 in and a depth of 70 ft 11 in. The ship is powered by a Mitsubishi 8UEC60LS diesel engine rated at 19,140hp, pushing a single fixed-pitch propeller. The ship has a top speed of 19.2 knots (about 22 miles per hour), and can carr up to 2,520 cars or 450 heavy trucks.


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