VIDEO: Corvette’s New Data Recorder Catches Valet Hitting 50MPH in a Garage

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One of the sweeter parts of being a parking valet has to be when you’re handed the keys to a beautiful car. Once such car would be the new 2015 Corvette C7 Stingray, but if you’re going to screw around, don’t forget it can record your every move behind the wheel.

Looks like one valet had no idea that the vehicle comes equipped with what they call a Personal Data Recorder (PDR). This snazzy feature lets drivers record all the details when they’re taking laps on the track, or any time they turn it on. There also happens to be a Valet Mode that will record what happens when someone else is behind the wheel.

Not only will it capture video, so that the owner can see if the valet took it for a spin around the block, but it’ll capture sound and details like just how fast the car was going while it was out of the owner’s hands. I think we all imagine that valets go a little crazy when they get a crack at a fancy car, but that’s just urban legend, or is it?

This PDR data shows one valet behaving less that professionally with a new Corvette Stingray. The owner activated Valet Mode when he handed the keys to the valet at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California and then presumably went inside to enjoy the show. Meanwhile, the valet enjoyed his car.

It starts off innocently enough with the valet carefully making his way through the lot into the parking garage where, initially, he drives exactly the way you’d want a valet to handle your precious car. That’s when he finds himself on a level without any other traffic and not so many parked cars.

He doesn’t just rev the engine and drive a little fast. He brings the car to a dead stop at one end of the garage and floors it, taking the car up to 50 mph in a parking garage. To his credit, he does park the car with a lot of care being very sure not to tap the wall with the front bumper, but too late.

We don’t have audio, although the PDR can record that, too. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to do that without telling someone in thirteen states including California where this was filmed. Even without sound, it’s enough to make you think twice before handing a valet your keys.

Source: Jalopnik

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