VIDEO – BMW 6 Series: A look at the first generation of BMW’s luxury grand tourer

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bmw-6-series-video-bestrideYesterday, BMW dropped a video at its YouTube channel covering the first generation BMW 6 Series, featuring interviews with the car’s designer, Armin Gollub.

The E24 BMW 6 Series launched in August 1976 as the successor to the gorgeous 2800CS, 3.0CS and 3.0CSi.

The new E24 chassis was safer than that of the E9, meeting new United States federal crash and rollover standards.

The 6 Series had a 3.2 liter inline six cylinder engine with 194hp. The early cars were laden with – for the day – high technology, and the video goes on to explain how radical the focus on electronics was for 1976.

The series underwent a significant change with the mid-1982 model, this included a ‘normal’ pattern 5-speed manual, or the more usual four-speed auto. A luxury version, known as the L6 arrived in the USA in 1987 with leather headliner and trim and other accoutrements.

The 6 Series ran from 1976 until 1989, when it was replaced with the more expensive, luxurious and powerful BMW 8 Series. The BMW 6 Series nameplate returned in 2003.


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