Toddler Draws on Dealership Cars, Parents Get Hefty Bill

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Car shopping can be fun, but when you have young kids along things get challenging. They don’t care how nifty your potential new ride is because there are far better things to do then drive cars. Like, for example, “draw” on a bunch of them with a pointy rock.

The parents of this artistic child were at an Audi dealership in China with a friend who was shopping for a new car. During the visit, the child got bored and started drawing on cars with a rock. Basically, the kid scratched the daylights out of a bunch of expensive new cars.

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According to 7News, the child damaged 10 cars with her attempt at artistry. The dealership was not at all happy.

They sued the father for $28,000 and that was just a starting point. The dealership noted the number could increase once the damage to the cars was fully evaluated. The problem, the dealership said, was that repainting the cars prohibited the dealership from selling them as new anymore.

That would be false advertising and could end up getting the dealer sued by anyone who bought one of the repainted cars as a new vehicle. The cost to the dealership if they tried to sell them at new could result in a fine of up to three times the purchase price of each vehicle.

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That left ten new cars sitting in the dealership lot in need of fresh paint just so they could be sold at a discount since they’re no longer new. The father refused to pay the initial sum. Eventually the two parties settled on a payment of about $9,600.

While that’s a lot less than what the dealership initially asked for, it’s still a big chunk of change. Keep this in mind the next time you go car shopping with your kids and either leave them with a friend or keep a very close eye on them while you’re around all those shiny new automobiles.

Nicole Wakelin

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