This Fiat 500X Ad Might Give You Nightmares

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We’re all for creative advertising, but somehow this teaser for the Fiat 500X strikes all the wrong chords. The car is set to debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show next month, which is October, so maybe they were playing on the whole spooky Halloween thing? Somehow, I don’t think that’s the vibe they were trying to hit.

It starts with creepy, empty city streets that make you wonder if Ebola has finally taken over and killed everyone. Next, a woman begins reciting the ABCs in a horror movie-like singsong voice that will have you envisioning guys in hockey masks with machetes. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there, folks.

Cut to the woman, swinging back and forth on a giant swing suspended over the empty, Ebola-ridden city streets, looking like she’s happy as a lark. She keeps singing, the ABCs keep coming, and eventually she gets to “X” and disappears. And when she reappears inside the car and finishes out her little ditty, it’s really no less creepy, even though there are some nice shots of the car woven into the mix.

Nah, not creepy at all, Fiat. Not. At. All.

In addition to the horror show, there’s a brief shot of both the front and rear of the 500X and we get a look inside so you can even see the logo stitched onto the front seats. It also shows very rounded styling compared to the 500L and a longer hood, too.

Once the car finally debuts in Paris on October 2nd we will likely get more details on available engines, but for now just think of this as the Jeep Renegade’s sexy Italian cousin since the little crossover will be built on the same platform. Production will be happening at Fiat’s plant in Melfi, Italy with the car expected to go on sale this coming March.

Go ahead and watch, but you may want to turn on all the lights first.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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