The “It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Max Fury Road” Mashup Trailer is Why the Internet Was Invented

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If you paid any attention to this site around May 15, you know that we were nuts for Mad Max: Fury Road. But the Mad Mad Mad Mad Max Fury Road trailer is approximately 438% better than the movie.

The trailer is the creation of Ezequiel Lopez, and it combines the narration and sound from the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer, with scenes from the frenetic automotive classic from director Stanley Kramer, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.Mad Mad Max Fury Road Jump Ford
The trailer puts Spencer Tracy — in his next-to-last film role — in the role of Max, and it is exactly perfect.

Mad Mad max Fury Road Spencer Tracy
If you’ve never seen It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, it’s one of those automotive films in the same realm as Smokey and the Bandit, Bullitt and Duel.

Mad Mad max fury road Wagon It is a must-see for multiple reasons: the cast is essentially everyone who was in comedy circa 1963, featuring Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters, Sid Caeser, Mickey Rooney, Ethel Merman and Dick Shawn. The cameos in the movie are endless, featuring everyone from a four-second clip of Jerry Lewis to a barely seen slice of film with silent film madman Buster Keaton.

The car chases? EPIC.

Mad Mad Max Fury Road Jump Dart
What you never would’ve realized was that the frenetic pace of Stanley Kramer’s 1963 masterpiece would pair up perfectly with George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

The narration in the trailer meshes like a Swiss watch, and the car chase scenes go from madcap to sinister with nothing other than a change of soundtrack.

Mad Mad Max Fury Road1

Spencer Tracy is Max, Sid Caeser is Immortan Joe, and Ethel Merman is Furiosa. Really, do you need any more convincing?

Ok then, the “What a lovely day!” scene alone is worth waiting the entire trailer for.

Mad Mad Max Fury Road Fire Truck

This is exactly what we were promised when Al Gore invented the internet. The happy day has finally arrived.


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    San Francisco’s Cycleside Bike Rodeo made this “tribute” to Road Warrior a few years back. It’s pretty brilliant. All done on bikes.

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