samsung safety truck

VIDEO: Samsung’s New Safety System Lets You See Through Trucks

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samsung safety truck

A new idea from Samsung may make driving near large vehicles much safer.

Samsung has developed a way for drivers to be able to see the road ahead of a truck that they are following.  The technology is intended for use now in areas with one-lane roads where passing trucks by using the oncoming lane is common.  This is not an imaginary scenario.  Rt. 202 in Southern New Hampshire, not far from Best Ride’s world HQ, fits this description perfectly.   The idea is not difficult to understand.  You are following a big rig in your car, and it is going slow due to road conditions (hills).  You will be passing that truck.  The question is, is it going to be safe to do so?


The Safety Truck System lets you see what is coming.  The video makes clear that this technology is helpful in this scenario, but we envision other uses as well.  Why stop at just big-rigs?  Full-size SUVs and campers, box-delivery trucks, and other vehicles are also difficult to see around.  The technology is very simple.  A wireless camera is at the front of the truck.  Front-mounted cameras are inexpensive and already starting to appear on passenger vehicles.  Four monitors display the image in real-time to the vehicles behind the truck.

Some questions remain and regulators are now scratching their heads.   Would the system somehow be distracting?  Who would pay for the trucks to be so equipped? There are many questions to be answered, but this technology is innovative and appears very useful.


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