SUV or Minivan: Family Car Showdown

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The two most efficient types of vehicles on the market for transporting people and cargo are minivans and SUVs. Any vehicle has many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to price, style, features, and functionality. Consumers need to scrutinize the capabilities of each vehicle before deciding on the best decision for their families. Let’s go through the pros and cons of each vehicle to figure out which family car would be best for you.

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Price and Cost of Ownership

When it comes to value, the answer for which vehicle is a more budget-friendly option may surprise you. Minivans have the edge over SUVs not only in their manufacturer’s suggested retail price but in terms of daily expenses as well. Most SUVs actually have worse fuel economy compared to their minivan counterparts due to their larger engine options. This will affect you depending on how much and how often you travel.

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Power and Capability

Speaking of engine options, SUVs are the clear winner in the power, overall capability, and hauling departments. Larger engine options combined with all-wheel drive packages and a higher ground clearance allow for off-roading and towing. If those qualities are a must-have for your new vehicle, then SUVs are the perfect fit.

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Interior Space and Seating

Looking at interior space and seating availability, minivans take the cake. Most minivans seat about 7 to 8 people which beats out even larger SUVs with third-row seating. One of the main pros of owning a minivan is the maximum cargo space that exceeds or matches the largest of any SUV. Larger families will find that the minivan is the correct choice for them.

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Image, Styling and Handling

Some other factors can also play a part in choosing your new family car. One of these factors is the image and styling of these types of vehicles. Minivans are usually less aesthetically pleasing than SUVs. Though this may change with new, more stylish entries like the Kia Carnival, this concern remains valid. SUVs also tend to provide a less secure ride and handling qualities due to their higher center of gravity.


Another factor that you may be concerned about is the technology that comes with these vehicles. Rest assured, these vehicles more often than not match each other in this aspect. Features such as rear-seat entertainment systems, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and surround-view cameras are common in both types of vehicles. There are also added rear USB ports for added access to recharge mobile devices.

So, with these things in mind, you may be asking “which is the best family car?” All of that depends on your priorities and what type of adventures you plan to embark on. For larger road trips that involve the whole family and maybe a couple of friends, you’ll find the minivan is the best vehicle for you. If you’re more the type of family that likes to embark on the wilderness and can spare the extra interior space for more power and capability, SUVs are your best bet. Are you debating whether a crossover or SUV would be a better choice? We can help with that too!

Adrien Perucho

Adrien Perucho

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