Sudbury (MA) Driver Passed Out at Stop Sign, Too Drunk To Perform Sobriety Tests

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(Note: Photo is accurate, but not actual.) Driving while intoxicated is a bad idea, but authorities contend that a Sudbury, Massachusetts man never got the memo. Police found Bryan Cadogan so hammered that he passed out at a stop sign.

Our sister publication, the MetroWest Daily News reports that police drove past a car stopped at a stop sign at 1:30 a.m. on Concord Road, and returned 15 minutes later to find the car still in the same place.

“The driver was sleeping and appeared to be passed out,” prosecutor Emily Jackson said in Framingham District Court.

The office pounded on the window a few times before Cadogan finally came to life. Inside the car, several open liquor bottles were rolling around.

The greatest line in the MetroWest Daily News‘ coverage of the incident:

“Officers felt Cadogan was too intoxicated to safely perform field sobriety tests.”

Attention drivers: If you’re too drunk to perform sobriety tests, maybe a cab is in order.

Police arrested Cadogan and brought him to the Sudbury Police station, where he blew a .27 on the Breathalyzer. The Massachusetts State Limit is .08.

This arrests marks Cadogan’s hat trick of OUI offenses, and he was also charged with driving with an open container. His previous offenses came from 2009 and 2011.  Prosecutor Jackson asked to Judge David Cunis  to hold Cadogan on $2,500 bail, and the judge jacked his bond to $3,000. If Cadogan posts bail, he has to go to the courthouse daily for alcohol tests until a device to test if he has alcohol in his system can be installed in his home.

Cadogan is due back in court on Dec. 12 for a pretrial conference.

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