Someone Stole $1 Million Worth of Range Rovers From James Bond

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Somewhere on the roads of Germany are a bunch of Range Rovers kitted out for the world’s most famous spy. In October, a fleet of five Range Rover Sports that were set to be used in filming of the next James Bond flick were stolen from a studio lot where they were being prepped for the movie. They estimate that the total value of the stolen spy cars was close to $1 million.

The thieves also got away with a Range Rover Evoque and other assorted production equipment which was about to be shipped to Austria for filming. According to Jalopnik, rumors have the cars originally being set to appear in a car chase, which seems kind of obvious because that’s pretty much the fate of every car in every James Bond movie ever.

Since these were Bond cars and they’d been modified for the film, one would imagine that some thief has gotten his hands on an unexpectedly well-equipped car. We’re thinking ejection seats and machine guns and lasers, because lasers are cool. Reality tells us that the modifications have less to do with weaponry and more to do with making the cars ready for the rigors of filming the chase.

Typical enhancements include some things you might want on your daily driver but others that could be dangerous. Good changes could include better off-road capability and improved safety. There might also be changes to accommodate the cameras needed for filming, especially inside the car.

Bad things could include making some components more fragile so they break to spectacular affect in a movie. Easily broken bits are not so spectacular if you’re just driving to work. Buyer beware if you get too good a deal on a Range Rover from a shady looking guy on a street corner.

It’s not unusual for there to be multiple stand-ins for a car, especially one that’s likely to be damaged on purpose during filming. They can’t dent a front fender and then re-film an earlier segment with a dented front fender that is still yet to happen in the movie’s timeline, so a little fleet of Range Rovers makes sense.

James Bond isn’t likely to suffer for lack of a car, however, since the good folks at Land Rover have already offered up replacement vehicles. Filming in Austria is set to begin next month so there was plenty of time to have new versions of the stolen cars ready for their close-ups.

There’s a press conference set for December 4th which will reveal the name of the next Bond movie, currently just Bond 24, as well as the full cast and a synopsis for the film.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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