Texas police security report card

Police in Texas Locking Cars, Leaving Break-In Notes for Holiday Shoppers

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Police locking doors for shoppers

During the holiday shopping season, a surprising number of drivers leave valuables in plain sight inside their vehicles with the doors unlocked.  Even with locked doors, items left on the front seat or visible anyplace in the car, presents thieves with an easy opportunity to smash and grab.  In Texas, one police department is taking a proactive approach to helping people keep their valuables.

KHOU in Texas reports that the local police in the town of Rosenberg are patrolling mall parking lots, looking for vehicles that owners have left with valuables in sight.  When they find these tempting vehicles they try the door and if it opens, they leave a report card telling owners how they could do a better job protecting their property.  Officers also then lock the door.

Police locking doors for shoppers

Officer Tom Kraus was quoted as saying “Burglars are always watching, waiting for that chance to make the right move.”  On the video shown in our link above officer, Kraus shows how a car door left with a window cracked to allow some air flow for cooling can easily be opened.  Officer Kraus demonstrated saying “Right here, I can get my hand in and open the door. We want to stop stuff like this.”

Texas police security report card

In a quick 10-minute sweep, a few officers found 20 unlocked cars with valuables in sight.  Some shoppers get a good report card left under the wiper.  Those with unlocked cars get suggestions for improved security.

How would you feel about a similar program in your town?  Is this a good way for local police to protect and to serve, or is it an unwanted intrusion?  Tell us what you think below and why.


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