Most Dog-Friendly New And Used Vehicles For 2020

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Here is BestRide’s list of the best vehicles for dog owners.

Best Overall Brand For Pet Lovers- Subaru

If there is a brand that works harder for your pets than Subaru, we can’t name it. Our local dealer has an employee that is a dog named Jack. Subaru brings dogs on stage at product launches. The Ascent, Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek are all great crossovers for anyone with pets.

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In addition to talking the talk about pets, Subaru walks the walk. Subaru donates vehicles, time, and money to a long list of animal charities on a local and national level. Subaru even funds pet safety tests for vehicles.  In our categories below, we will select other brands and models for certain segments, but we could easily have chosen a Subaru to top each category.

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Three Row Crossover – Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander has been a top-seller since it debuted many generations ago. It checks off the family-friendly boxes, including safety, fuel economy in the Hybrid trims and overall value with its two years of included maintenance and legendary durability.

2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element.

Best Used Vehicle For Pets – Honda Element

You can’t get a new Honda Element and that is a crying shame. However, they still exist in the used market, and let’s face it, you won’t feel as badly about a quart of dog slobber on the floor in a used vehicle. With the Element’s low load floor, removable rear (two) seats, and wide-opening side doors, the Element is a slam dunk for pets. named the Element its “Dog car Of The Year” in 2007, the first year the award was presented.

Best Minivan and Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle For Service Dogs – Chrysler Pacifica

The new Pacifica is a favorite of ours for its great infotainment and the Hybrid option, which can plug in and run without gas on a typical commute. Those with service animals may want to give the Pacifica a close look. Chrysler has partnered with both BraunAbility and Canine Companions to ensure its vehicles meet the needs of a wide range of drivers.

Best Green Vehicle For Pets – Toyota Prius

Well, the Prius is the best green vehicle in the eyes of shoppers over two decades. And it is a hatchback with a large area for your pups. Hard not to pick the Prius as the winner of any green vehicle category.

Best Adventure Vehicle F0r Dog Owners – Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler is a long-time favorite for those owners who love the outdoors. With its removable doors and roof, the Jeep is a great example of a vehicle in which a dog restraint like this one from is a must.

Best Full-Sized Truck For Dog Lovers – Ram 1500

Dogs love trucks. We love the Ram 1500 for its best-in class ride quality and Ram’s commitment to winter capability.

Best Midsize Truck For Dog Owners

Chevy Colorado owners are crazy about dogs. We reached out to the Facebook Colorado ZR2 club asking for an image and were immediately sent dozens. The Colorado is a great truck, and the ZR2 and Bison trims will take you and your dog anyplace any vehicle can go.

Best Outside the Box Pet Vehicle – Your Motorcycle Sidecar

Dogs love the fresh air that a ride in any vehicle affords them. No vehicle gives dogs more of a rush than a sidecar. Don’t forget eye protection and a restraint may be a good idea as well. “Squirrel!”

Animal Safety In Vehicles

Our staff includes managers at AAA. We wish to point out that your safety and your pets’ are linked when you drive. Here is a resource you can use to learn more about this important topic.

Image credit: Our thanks to Brian Kamarauskas for his Chevy Colorado image.




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