Massachusetts Automotive Supplier Hacked by ISIS Affiliate

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PremiumShield is a producer of automotive paint protection film headquartered in the quiet suburban town of Holliston, Massachusetts 40 minutes west of Boston. The MetroWest Daily News reports that the company got a shocking surprise when its website was hacked by a an organization claiming to be an affiliate of ISIS.

The attack occurred on March 16, 2015. Visitors to the company’s website were displayed a page that read “I am Muslim & I love jihad. I love ISIS.”


The hackers claimed to be with Team System DZ, which has been on a hacking spree of international websites for a few years.

Earlier reports about Team System DZ note that the organization claims to be a team of “Arab youth that is looking to teach protection and penetration of sites and services and strive for peace. Their hacks however don’t appear to be looking for peace. The group seems to align itself with Anonymous, as it promotes hashtag #AnonArtsInternational, which showcases the hacker group’s works.”


PremiumShield Marketing Director Luke Dobie contacted Holliston Police and the FBI. The website was temporarily taken down and restored a few hours later, said Dobie on Tuesday.


“It was quite bizarre,” he said.

There’s no word regarding why ISIS hates stone chip-free paint, but apparently it does.

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