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Man Gets DUI Charge for Driving Up Ski Slope

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Let’s say you have a capable vehicle like a Range Rover. They’re the kinds of things you can take through sleet and snow and mud and the worst conditions possible. You could probably drive one up a ski slope. It’s a tempting thought, so one guy in Vermont gave it a try and ended up with a DUI charge for his efforts.

It all happened at Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont according to The Chester Telegraph. Vermont State Police and officers from the Winhall Police Department were called to the scene when a guy tried to drive up the ski slopes.

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That guy was Frederick T. Brechter of Shelter Island, New York and he was arrested for driving under the influence for a second time. He decided to take his Range Rover up the Hocus Pocus trail after the mountain was closed for the night.

An employee noticed him driving up the ski slope and called the police. Brechter only made it a couple of hundred feet before he turned around. We’ll give the Range Rover the benefit of the doubt and say this was a change of heart on the driver’s part rather than a failure of the Range Rover to handle the terrain.

At the base of the mountain, troopers saw signs of impairment and conducted filed sobriety tests, which Brechter failed. He was then taken in to custody and will be appearing in court on March 17.

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Thankfully, the trails were closed so no one was hurt during the unwise adventure. The resort reported that there was some damage to the trail in the form of ruts in the terrain, but a groomer was able to get everything back into skiing shape.


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