Lincoln Busts Out Two More Spoof-Worthy Ads With Matthew McConaughey

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Automakers spend small fortunes creating memorable ad campaigns for their cars. The hope is that not only will you buy the car, but that it will do something for the brand by raising awareness and cultivating a specific image in the minds of potential buyers. The now infamous Lincoln ad starring a bull and Matthew McConaughey was apparently right on target because two more ads are airing beginning on New Year’s Day.

The original ad with the bull was, unique? I’m trying not to say weird but let’s call it what it was and say it was one weird commercial. McConaughey sat in the Lincoln MKC starring down a bull in the middle of the road and waxing poetic about life and bulls and likely what he was smoking before the shoot. It was weird.

Though completely confusing, it did get a lot of attention and it undeniably had people talking about the Lincoln brand. It also had them talking about McConaughey and boogers, but Ellen is to blame for that last one because of her spoof of the ad.

You might think that was the end. No more McConaughey. No more bull. No more boogers. Well, at least one of those things is back with McConaughey appearing in two new ads that will start airing during college football games on New Year’s Day.

This time he’s selling the MKZ and MKZ Hybrid in two spots called Balance and Diner. In the ad for the MKZ Hybrid he talks about how it’s all about finding balance, saving the environment and yourself, and finding the sweet spot, not hugging trees.

The ad for the MKZ has him sitting in, you guessed it, a diner, watching the rain pour outside the window where his car is parked. The deluge suddenly stops, and he happily heads out the door to his car. Sadly, there aren’t any McConaughey musings in this one, other than a brief happy mumble when he opens the sunroof.

Has Matthew McConaughey convinced you to buy a Lincoln yet? I’m not running out to buy a Lincoln, but I am taking his advice and not hugging a tree. Also, he may have convinced me to head to my favorite diner for lunch this afternoon. Let the countdown begin to a new round of Lincoln ad spoofs.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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