Land Rover Specialist Features Art from The New England Center for Children

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J. White’s Automotive, a Land Rover specialist in Framingham, Massachusetts, is turning over a section of its showroom to artists from ArtLifting and the New England Center for Children, a private, non-profit autism education center in Southboro, Massachusetts. J. White’s is having an open house this evening to showcase the artwork.

The artwork is on display in J. White Automotive’s waiting room gallery. All of the artwork displayed is offered for sale, and  100% of the proceeds goes directly to the contributing charity, or a charity selected by the artists.


ArtLifting provides homeless and disabled artists a professional marketplace that sells originals and prints of their artwork.  The venture has been featured in the Boston Globe, Bloomberg Businessweek (online), ABC local news, and the Huffington Post.


The New England Center for Children is a private, nonprofit autism education center dedicated to transforming the lives of children with autism worldwide through education, research and technology. The New England Center for Children is located 20 miles west of Boston in the town of Southboro.

J. Whites is hosting an open house today, featuring refreshments from Red Barn Coffee Roasters, Evolutions Cafe and The British Beer works. The shop is located in a building that was formerly the Ferrari and Alfa Romeo dealership owned by Formula 1 competitor Gaston Andrey.

Stop by to enjoy some great artwork, have a bite to eat and enter to win prizes from Hertz Local Edition, Tomasso Trattoira, Bella Costa, and J. White’s.

J. White’s Automotive is located at 1800 Worcester Road in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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