KITT From ‘Knight Rider’ is Going Up For Auction

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Self-driving cars might be the next big thing, but KITT could not only drive, it could also manage witty banter in a snotty British accent. The Knight Industries Two Thousand is a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am that starred with David Hasselhoff in the 80s show Knight Rider. It’s going up for auction so you can have a chance at fighting crime with the help of a snarky car.

If you are of a certain age, then you likely spent many hours watching The Hoff and KITT on their crime-fighting adventures. The Hoff tried to look cool, but KITT didn’t have to try. That car was what every kid desperately wanted in their garage.

KITT drove itself and had a dashboard full of high-tech wizardry and, best of all, that glowing red eye that swished back and forth at the edge of the hood. It looked a little like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, but without plans to destroy all of humanity.

Now you can own that very car through a Christie’s auction tied to the Gumball 3000 rally that kicked off last weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. The rally takes its drivers and their in-you-face cars through Oslo, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. After that, they take to the air as the cars get a cargo plane and the drivers get a chartered jet to Reno, Nevada.

The rally starts right back up on American soil heading through San Francisco and Los Angeles before finishing up in Las Vegas. It’s a grand spectacle that costs a small fortune for participants and is less about driving and more about showing off as much as possible. There’s also a charity tied to it all and KITT is one of the items up for bidding. The auction also includes Mike Tyson’s boxing gloves and a snare drum signed by Tommy Lee.

KITT will officially get a new owner on May 30th. You don’t have to be in Vegas if you want to try your luck at bidding for the car. Christie’s will be taking online bids during the live auction. The estimated sale price on this thing is going to put it out of reach for most. You better have at least six figures sitting in your bank account if you want KITT parked in your driveway.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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