Kid Pushes BMW into River Because He Asked For a Jaguar

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It’s the dream of more than a few kids to get a car from their parents. Who doesn’t want a shiny new car in the driveway with a bright red bow? Heck, most kids would be happy for a used car that works, but one guy in India wanted a Jaguar or nothing. So, he pushed the BMW his parents gave him into the river.

According to Fox News, a man in northern India bought a new BMW for his son, Akash, as a birthday present. That’s right. This kid was lucky enough to not only get a brand new car, but a brand new luxury car as a birthday present. Most kids would consider that a win.

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Not this kid. He thought it was too darn small and wasn’t big enough for him and his friends. He wanted a Jaguar instead of some lame old BMW sedan. His dad could only afford the BMW, so that’s what he bought figuring his kid would get over it and be happy with the car.

While the wrong car might cause an affluent child or two to complain to his parents about the injustices of having to drive a mere BMW instead of a Jaguar, this kid took it a step further. He could have refused to drive the car. He could have posted nasty things on social media berating his parents. He could have made a scene when the car arrived. He did one better and pushed the thing into a river.

The video shows the shiny new BMW quickly sinking into the muddy river water. It was eventually pulled out with a crane and the police are looking into the matter. The kid isn’t denying what he did and it’s his car, so the police are deciding what, if any, laws were broken. It has to at least count as littering, right?

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No word on whether or not the parents will now buy their kid a Jaguar to make up for the inferior BMW. We’d like to think they’ll buy him a used 10-speed bicycle as a replacement.