Is Subaru’s Forester the Most Aptly Named Vehicle In America?

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Vehicle names have gone off the rails. Here’s a quick rundown of a few vehicles that still have names that really mean something.

For those who may not be Subaru fans, the image above shows a Subaru Forester being used by a forester. To forest. You may think that we just stumbled upon the image and created the story from a single image, but wait, there’s more!

We could keep going…

As it turns out, there are a lot of Subaru Forester owners who actually take their Subaru Forester into the forest. There, they do things related to the forest. If there was every an aptly named vehicle the Forester is it. The Outback, also from Subaru, has a bit of a vibe to it that really seems to resonate with the attitude and capabilities the Outback has. Names like this are appealing. And you remember them.

Dodge has a strong naming tradition. It has named cars the Duster (as in “my car can dust yours”), the Demon (self-explanatory), and the Dart. However, at this brand, it may be the Challenger that is most perfectly named. The other brands came first with their performance coupes and established their own names. Mostly using words you never heard before (Camaro, AMX?). The Challenger is the new upstart about to blow your doors off. It makes perfect sense.

The Dodge Ram’s model name was so perfect that Dodge dropped the brand name. The ten year anniversary of the Ram officially being its own individual brand came and went last week. If you still see the truck above and think “Dodge Ram” you know just how powerful naming can be. Ram employs a dedicated staff to help we autowriters correct the stories we still write about the “Dodge Ram.”

Of all the brands that wanted to have the brand at top of mind rather than the individual model, MINI has likely been the most successful. Nobody says, “Hey, look a Cooper!”

Among those vehicles that had a great naming idea that didn’t really pan out is the Smart car.

If you can think of some other aptly named vehicle models, please list them wherever you find this story. Just don’t troll us with the Merkur XR4Ti.

Our thanks to Facebook Subaru Forester Owner’s Club Members┬áMarc Charbonneau and Sam Buck for their Forester images.

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