The World’s Most Googled Car Brands

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You might think the same brands are popular across the world, but tastes vary depending on where you live. Some brands are far more popular in certain regions than others. This map shows exactly which brands are most often searched for in various countries around the world.

Veygo created the map based on data collected from Google searches of 42 popular car brands. It covers searches from 171 countries and excludes some places for which data was unavailable.

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The most Googled automaker was Toyota, which came out on top in 57 countries. It absolutely dominates in North America and also does well in Australia and a large part of Africa. Sitting in second place was BMW as the top result in 25 countries with Mercedes-Benz coming in at third as the most searched automaker in 23 countries.

Toyota is so popular, it also manages to be the most searched automaker globally with a stunning 7.8 million searches every month. Honda comes in at second place with 7 million searches a month while Ford places third with 6.4 million searches every month.

Those are all well-known brands with long histories, but upstart Tesla has its fair share of fans, too. It came out on top in seven countries including China, Netherlands, and Norway.

It makes sense that the most searched brands are ones that lots of people buy, but in some countries the top brands are the kinds of cars most of us only dream of owning one day. Lamborghini is the most searched brand in seven countries including Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh and is the 17th most searched brand in the world.

That might not sound too impressive, but Lamborghini got just over 3 million searches despite being a high-end luxury brand not often found in the grocery store parking lot. It beat out more mass market brands like Volvo with 2.4 million, Subaru with 2.6 million, and Chrysler, which garnered only 825,000 global searches.

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At the very bottom of the list is, unsurprisingly, a supercar brand that most of us never even see much less get a chance to drive. Only 18,560 searches were made for exclusive Pagani. Lucky you if you’re one of the few people Googling that one.


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