Rust Issue Settled On Toyota Tacomas, Tundras and Sequoias

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Owners of frame-rotted Tacomas, Tundras and Sequoias, take notice.

Toyota settled a class action suit this week which will cost the company over three billion dollars. The suit was brought by customers who have had the frames of their Tacoma and Tundra trucks and Sequoia SUVs fail due to corrosion. Most customers refer to this as frame rot.


2005-10 Toyota Tacoma owners have been working with Toyota on frame-rot issues for many years. Toyota has been replacing frames that have failed at a tremendous cost to the company, and no cost to the consumer. The typical frame replacement takes a dealership two days, with two technicians working on the truck.

Although the work does not take long, Toyota has had many delays in getting replacement frames from its Mexican supplier. During the time a Tacoma waits for repairs Toyota has been renting customers cars, sometimes for months, while the trucks sit in quarantine. There is a related leaf spring recall. Many trucks receive those parts during the repairs as well. Post-repair many customers are completely satisfied, while others have complaints.


Many customers report to forums and similar that the frame replacement is successful. Owner Unto Ryodi reported to Torque News “I had my 2005 Tacoma Sport fixed last year. Frame, brake lines, springs, control arms and a long list of parts were replaced under Toyota recall program. Truck was inspected and I was told I could use it till the frame arrives (three months). Then it was picked up from my house and returned a week later. Rides like new. I refused a rental as I had no need for it. Customer service from the local dealer was very good and thus I am still a loyal Toyota owner.”


However, many also are frustrated when the technicians working under the trucks find unrelated issues that the company will not cover. One owner reported “I bought my 05 ( 200 k miles ) into the dealership for the rusted frame recall . The dealer said a hole had rusted through the frame and Toyota would replace the frame. I was given a list of parts which might be damaged during the process of replacing the frame and which I was required to pay in the amount of $3,100.”


Reuters reports that the settlement covers 2005-2010 Tacoma trucks, 2005-2008 Sequoias, and 2007-2008 Tundras. Reuters says that Toyota “…will inspect the vehicles for 12 years from the day they were first sold or leased to determine whether frames need to be replaced at company expense and reimburse owners who previously paid for a frame replacement.” This is exactly what the company has already been doing, but the settlement may give owners who have not yet been through the situation some solace.


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All images by John Goreham show post-replacement Tacoma frame work. Re-use with permission only.