Being a Car Nut Just Earned Jerry Seinfeld $100 Million

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Netflix will reportedly pay Jerry Seinfeld $100 million for a package including Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Jerry Seinfeld has never hidden his passion for cars in his work. Whether it was Jon Voight’s LeBaron convertible or the Black Saab Rules being worked into an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry and cars have always been inseparable.

His newest automotive-related deal may have him laughing all the way to the bank if The Hollywood Reporter is to believed. The news this week is that Seinfeld has just moved his cult-hit Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (CCGC) from Crackle to Netflix.

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Jerry’s Webby-Award winning on-line videos have made him one of the latest to take a YouTube format to the big time. However, it was not an overnight sensation. It has been almost five years since the series premiered and 2017 will bring the ninth season. If The Hollywood Reporter’s estimate is correct, the deal is worth $100 million dollars. Interestingly, that is the same number Seinfeld turned down to produce a last season of the Seinfeld TV show. According to the report, the Netflix deal includes “…new episodes of (CCGC) for Netflix…two new stand-up specials …scripted and unscripted programming for Netflix and additional elements to be announced later.”

Just as it can be argued that the fast-food chain McDonald’s is not just in the restaurant business, but also in the real estate business, it is easy to make the case that Jerry Seinfeld is as much in the car business as he is the comedy business.

This past March, Seinfeld sold 18 classic Porsche cars at auction. He took a loss on some and made a profit on others. Jerry laughed off any hints that the prices were unfavorable, saying at the event, “I wanted to be here with you all, who see these cars the way I do and enjoy this hobby the way I do.” He added. “I wanted to see your face and feel your enthusiasm because that’s why I do it. I never thought these cars were going to increase in value. I’m not a collector that gets cars to make money. I love the feeling of the car.”

One score Seinfeld made on cars that is not questionable was his 2012 Super Bowl commercial for the “New” Acura NSX. Seinfeld made a series of commercials for the car maker. The Super Bowl bit was funny, but the 2012 supercar commercial remains notable to car nuts for one reason; the NSX didn’t go on sale in 2013, but rather, was delayed for three more years and was only released this past year. Acura has only sold 268 so far.

The premise of the advertisement was that Jerry badly wanted the first NSX. In the end, Acura donated that car to charity. Jerry keeps the friends he makes, and the Crackle videos of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee are “Presented By” Acura.

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