In The Wild: Vega Kammback, Beetle Convertible, Dart

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This installment of In The Wild has probably the cleanest and mint-est Vega Kammback we’ve seen in some time. Also a cute Beetle Convertible and an old blue Dart, along with today’s faithful servants.

Can you believe that Vega? Back in the day, my childhood neighbor had one of these in this year and color, but the blue on his had darkened with rust, as did the wheels. Amazing to see one looking so fit and original.

Contrast that with the failing LEDs in this Audi A7’s CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Lamp) – sometimes, there’s nothing sadder than a luxury car that’s falling off its game.


The Ford Escape is one of the more recognizable crossovers, with a purposeful look.


Speaking of Fords – while we have all the love in the world for personal-luxury coupes, this generation of Thunderbird and Cougar (code-named MN12) never appealed. Too big and heavy, with a shape that was blander than its BMW 6-series inspiration and head gaskets in the V6 engine that just couldn’t wait to blow.


Honda Fits are everywhere in San Francisco, and their pert styling makes that OK.


The old-style Jeep Cherokee still maintains a healthy population.


A Mitsubishi usually get thrown in the mix when consulting with buyers looking for a cheap small car, but these Lancers especially have been met with a shrug.


Meanwhile, 10-year-old Toyota Corollas scurry the roads like the automotive cockroaches they are…


…as do the un-killable Tacomas.


These two-door Chevy Tahoes aren’t so bad for city parking- overall length is 188 inches, which fits it into a Volvo-wagon-sized spot, of which there are many in SF.


There are so many Uber SUVs running around that you’d think the Secret Service is on permanent vacation here.


On the friendlier end of the styling scale is this neat Beetle Convertible…


…while the Kia Optima works its chic lines.


If you want to be distinctive, then driving a flaming Chevrolet SSR is one way to do it.


The boldness of scooter riders still shocks us.


Honda Pilots are bland by nature but not so bad in black.


We’d love an Acura Integra for daily driving, but it would end up feeling like it’s just a matter of time until it is stolen.


It’s doubtful that this plain-Jane Dodge Dart would be a target for theft, but it is awesome all the same.


That’s it for this installment of In The Wild. Happy car spotting, and we’ll see you next time!


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