Honda Passport gets Retro PastPort Trim

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Do you love the 90s so much you wish you could back and live them all over again? Honda has you covered with the PastPort edition of the all-new Honda Passport.

On the outside, it’s still your standard Honda Passport, but on the inside, it’s all about the 90s. There’s no touchscreen and no connectivity, because in the 90s that was crazy talk.

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Instead, you get all you need for the true 90s experience. There’s a coin holder for all those annoying tolls or so you have exact change at the drive-thru. Remember when you paid for stuff with cash? Ah, the good old days. There’s also a snazzy digital clock and a mount for your beeper because you are so tech-savvy.

Navigation consists of a map and the steering wheel is button-free, but it does have one feature – a horn! There’s a cassette player so you can listen to actual cassettes or your CD player and the glove box features a dial-up modem. Sure, it’s the size of the entire glove box, but there’s still room for straws, napkins, and petrified packets of ketchup.

Want to know more? Don’t bother looking for a website. That wasn’t how people shopped for cars back in the day. Instead, you can use your smartphone as an actual phone and call 1-833-PASTPORT for a special message from Fred Savage.

Looking for a Honda Passport? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.

Yes, that’s right, The Wonder Years kid is all grown up and he wants to help you buy a Honda. Even the message is vintage-style and sounds like an old-school recording.

The video is even better, with a rollerblading dude in his best 90s gear. You know you had a jacket just like his and there’s a fair chance it’s buried in the back of your closet. The video is even filmed in 4:3 format and standard definition so don’t think there’s something wrong with your monitor – this is the 90s. And, just in case, take a good look at today’s date.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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