These Wienermobile Crash Photos Make You Realize Your Day Isn’t Going So Badly

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If your “On This Day” function on Facebook is correct, this is the second anniversary of an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile crash in Enola, Pennsylvania. Wienermobile crashes are irresistible, so we’ve collected evidence of the crashes we know about:

Elmira, Pennsylvania – 2008

As Fred Sanford would say, “This is the big one, Elizabeth.” This photo has been making the rounds on the internet since the accident happened in rural Pennsylvania’s Highway 15 in 2008.

It was so wildly popular that in 2013, it recirculated with the rumor that the exact same crash happened in the exact same place. Turns out it was just another photo from a different angle.

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The punnery associated with this particular incident is legendary:

“It mustard been a challenge to get that out of the ditch.”

“I bet they were trying to ketchup to the car in front.”

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The original quotes from the tow truck driver that appeared in newspaper accounts didn’t help: “”I’ve pulled out a lot of vehicles,” he said. “But that’s the first wiener I’ve ever pulled out.”

Sausage-related humor is welcomed in our Facebook status update.

Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin – 2009

In 2009, a Wienermobile driver attempted to make a multi-point turn in the driveway of an unsuspecting homeowner.

According to the reports, the driver thought she was in reverse, but when she stepped on the gas, the Brobdingnagian link of chicken eyeballs and kneecaps careened into the garage.

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Nobody was home at the time, and nobody was injured in the crash, but both the home and the weenie suffered some cosmetic damage.

Enola, Pennsylvania – 2015

Two years ago, another Wienermobile suffered a crash at the intersection State Road and Fairview Avenue in East Pennsboro Township after a Wienermobile slipped off the road and crashed into utility pole.

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Officials said that the 7,000 pound tube steak hit a patch of ice and struck the pole, but that nobody was injured. Traffic slowed to a near standstill, though, as a reporter for the Harrisburg, Pa., news station WHP-TV noted “Pretty much every car that drives by is taking a picture.”

We would not relish the responsibility of telling our boss we damaged the wiener.


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