INTRO: Ford Debuts 2016 F-150 Dallas Cowboys Edition

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Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboys Edition

Since the mid-’80s, Ford has been the official truck of the Dallas Cowboys, and now there are 400 F-150 Dallas Cowboys Editions for sale at Texas Ford dealers.

Ford’s longtime association with the Dallas Cowboys has found its way into an extremely limited edition that’s available only in Texas.

Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboys Edition

It starts with a 2016 F-150 XLT with Chrome Package – which Ford says is the number-one volume seller in Texas – and then adds a variety of badges and trim that pay homage to “America’s Team.”

Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboys Edition

Probably the neatest thing about this Ford F-150/Dallas Cowboys match-up is the rocker panel stripe. It accents the F-150’s clean and straight lines, and the blue-white-blue stripe mimics the stripe that runs over the Cowboys’ helmets.

Great way to reinforce the theme, and of course, the rest of the truck is painted in Cowboys helmet silver.

Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboys Edition

Texas is the largest US pickup market, and Ford’s on top there. But, it’s never a bad time Texas-themed truck, even if Ford is making only 400 of these F-150 Dallas Cowboy Editions.

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Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboys Edition Fact Sheet