#FLORIDADOG: Goodest Boy Drives Circles in a Florida Cul de Sac for an Hour

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DISCLAIMER: Do not leave your dog in the car with the engine running, even for a second because the next thing you know, your best buddy is going to be doing donuts in your cul de sac.

That’s what happened to this Port St. Lucie, Florida Ford Taurus owner, who left his pooch in the car with the engine running. Somehow — he says — the dog got the gearshift into reverse, after which it turned circles in at the end of the driveway for more than an hour, which had to be the greatest thing to ever happen to this good boy.

Anne Sabol is a neighbor who was confused initially because she didn’t see anyone behind the wheel. “At first I thought I saw somebody backing up, but then they kept going, and I’m like, ‘OK, what’re they doing?’” she told CNN affiliate WPBF.

What they were doing was roaming the neighborhood looking for treats and/or tennis balls to chase, apparently.

Police and fire officials showed up and stood around for a while trying to figure out what to do, before one of the police officers managed to get himself inside the car and stop it. At that point, the dog hopped out and went about his day as if nothing happened.

Neighbor Anne Sabol was impressed with the dog’s abilities: “They should give that thing a license,” she said.

Now for some information that can actually be helpful: This Taurus has key-transmission interlock technology that requires that a key be in the ignition switch for the transmission selector to come out of park. What it doesn’t have is Brake-to-Shift Interlock (BTSI). BTSI prevents the gear shift from coming out of park without stepping on the brake pedal first.

This technology has never been mandatory, but in 2006, 19 of the largest auto manufacturers agreed to include it as a standard feature on all cars with an automatic transmission.

Even with this technology in place, it’s never a good idea to leave a dog in a car, running or not, but if you’re going to leave them in there with the engine on, you’re asking for trouble.


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