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SR Side 2Legendary speed-smith Carrol Shelby was widely recognized for his innovative high-performance automobile designs, primarily for AC Cobra and Ford Mustang automobiles. He was also a successful race driver; so much so that he was named the Sports Illustrated Race Driver of the Year for 1956 and 1957. He also was part of the team who won the 24-Hours of Le Mans in 1959, in addition to being a Formula 1 driver and decorated competitive hill climber. He founded Shelby American in 1962 and they have providing hot-rodders with quality performance parts and top-tier factory modified vehicles every since.



The Raptor

SR RR3Start with a mildly impressive (by Ford standards) off-road pickup truck with a modestly powered (411-horsepower) 6.2-liter V8 engine. Now mate that with a six-speed automatic transmission and a shift-on-the-fly transfer case for the four-wheel drivetrain and you are beginning to see the picture. Add some beefy all-terrain tires and 17-inch wheels with bead protectors and you can believe that this is a serious off-roading machine. Off-road tuned suspension, fixed running boards, and even an auxiliary switch panel for operating exterior lighting are all included. The Raptor is Ford’s most powerful and off-road capable truck, available in two or four door configurations, and it comes equipped with what it takes to get by in tough country and looks like a million bucks.


The Shelby Raptor

SR EngineShelby American will gladly modify your brand-new (or not so new) Ford F-150 Raptor truck (and take your $18,000) to the level of an off-road super-truck that can almost dream about competing with the new Chevrolet Sliverado Reaper — although if it does it will wake up screaming from an all too realistic nightmare. Seriously, the good folks at Shelby will bolt a 2.9-liter Whipple twin-scroll chrome-plated supercharger to that 6.2-liter V8 and throw in an enormous Whipple intercooler, install a Shelby Stinger high-performance exhaust (EPA compliant cat-back, of course), and re-flash the engine control module for optimum performance. With all of the high=performance upgrades in place, the Raptor will be capable of producing 575-horsepower — now you are ready to do some rock crawling, right? Wrong.



SR Side 3The Extreme Options Package adds a plethora of off-road commodities, including: 35-inch BF Goodrich mud-terrain T/A tires on patented Shelby wheels, King nitrogen filled remote reservoir shock system adds 25-percent more wheel travel (that is significant), “black menace” bumpers front and rear, and high-strength upper and lower control arms.


SR InteriorAdditionally, the Shelby design graphics are unmistakable regardless of what color truck you choose and the available roof racks resemble something from an African safari. Despite the fact that most consumers purchase a pickup truck of this magnitude for some type of strenuous off-roading, Shelby also outfits the interior with plush split-leather trappings. Shelby certainly has an affinity for lighting. Lights are rampant on the Shelby creation but that gives you something for which to use all of those extra switches.

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