Female Host Floated for Top Gear; Twitterverse Responds With Death Threats

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Oh, the internet. You’ve provided such joy with your cat videos, but you’re the most vile, horrific place known to man. Latest embarrassment: an online oddsmaker has pegged Sue Perkins as a favorite to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. The response from zit-faced cretinsDeath threats.

As you’re surely now aware, Jeremy Clarkson was canned from his lucrative gig at Top Gear for getting hungry and punching a producer, which, seriously, haven’t we all done? The great debate has been whether or not the BBC is willing to see the entire franchise go down in flames, or whether it will replace Clarkson with some other hominid with a head large enough to fill a TV screen.


The debate is hot enough here, but in England, it’s off the charts, to the point that UK-based online bookie Coral has been taking bets on the subject.

“Sue Perkins has been installed as the new favourite to host Top Gear this morning, following a flurry of bets,” read a release from the oddsmaker.

Sue Perkins isn’t a household name here, but in the UK, she’s been in everyone’s living room at one time or another. She’s hosted a litany of cooking shows there, and currently hosts The Great British Bake-Off, which we imagine looks exactly like it sounds.

She’s done some crazy automotive stuff, though, too. In 2011, she was in The World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Alaska, with Charlie Boorman.


Boorman knows about Alaska and deadly roads, after circumnavigating the globe aboard a BMW R1200GS in The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor.


Regardless, Twitter apparently hates her, to the point that it would like to see her dead.

It got to the point that Perkins — who has never been formally interviewed for a job at Top Gear, nor expressed any interest in it, has decided to give it all a rest for a bit, despite having more than half a million followers of her own, who seem to enjoy her work.

Top Gear co-host James May responded:

…but so far, no response from Richard Hammond or Jeremy Clarkson.

Well done, internet losers. Your mums would be proud.

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